Bio - Katia Onassis - MissO

Creating Friendships and Sharing Money Is Real

MissO is currently going after "BILLIONS" of dollars and your cordially invited to join her and get a piece of the ACTION! MissO  is ready for the next 100 years to provide superior contacts and connections worldwide for everyone that connects. 

The Bank Vault of Clientele that Miss "O" has built possess buying power that exceeds over a TRILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY. The wealth of knowledge

and contacts makes " Miss Onassis" one of the largest business connections worldwide with a track record that's hard to beat - NO-ONE IS EVEN CLOSE.

MissO  has a massive client connection portfolio that the value is not known to 

the general public. When MissO  hands over a connection it could be for multi millions to billions and anywhere in between. Every connection is special and every connection has a value that generates money. You name the contact or connections MissO  has it on her private bank vault and has spoken to that connection personally. Her contacts are not generated by a list you purchase. 

Her private Bank Vault is the reason MIssO  is one of the most successful 

affluent business connections worldwide.


MssO  is a dynamic and 'brilliant' lady. For over three decades she has personally coached thousands of successful entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional profits and productivity. Katia is a unique, eccentric, a mover and a shaker, whose favorite pastime is making money and assembling networks of superior connections. MissO  has no children and loves to travel, locating contacts is her passion but creating connections is what she is known for.  Katia was born in Istanbul, Turkey and educated in Greece before relocating to America where she received her MBA from Trebas Institute of Recording Arts, Hollywood, CA.  She established  her career and openied several companies with  co-owner Scot Albert.  Our companies were:  S. Wolfgang Films, S. Wolfgang Productions, Gale Force Productions and a casting company, "You Otta Be In Pictures" , were located in Phoenix, Arizona and a huge success.  At age 21 Katia gave up her career in the field of music and film to follow her passions for aviation, real estate and investments.  MissO has following this career path for over 36 years with 100 more years to go. This lady is all action and loves what she does and can't wait to connect with you. The conversations you and her share will be priceless.

MissO has combined her 12 former companies and corporations into one gigantic enterprise, now Aviation Contacts And Connections.  MissO maintains her success and is known as a very interesting business legend. MissO has spent her entire career of 36 years calling and meeting business minded connections and has no intentions of leaving this magnificent world of contacts and wealth.

MissO is also a frequent speaker and seminar presenter, you name the topic, she has done it. MissO's  favorite phone calls always start with "This is your Aviation & Yacht girl Miss 'O'.  When she finishes talking to her network of connections you will always hear her say, "keep up your airspeed" or "over n out". This lady is a branding of an "original". When asked how did you become so brilliant her answer is, "I got my Onassis kicked so many times, I decided to jump back in the jungle.  Bigger, Better, Stronger, Smarter". This lady operates like a well oiled machine and ticks like a Rolex. A fascinating lady that doesn't back down from fear or her obligations. If she tells you, "welcome aboard I will take care of finding you a connection" she will do just that!  

MissO has appeared in several publications within her 36 years of her career

  • Flying Adventures  
  • Executive Traveler

Memo from MissO:

Ladies and Gents  let's get a few issues out of the way.  Grab a martini, whiskey or a beer.  As for me my preference is 2013 Taste of Diamonds, 

a blend of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier valued at $2.07 Million Dollars!

If your into politics don't believe everything you hear or read about my arrests, 

had too much fun drinking the finest champagnes and tasting the most fabulous caviars. That's it! Nothing else.  DUI's - Cheers. 

My marriages: Yes, I was married in my 20's to three famous fabulous people. Charlie Lawyer, an all american boy that surfed around the world with his lightning bolt surfboard. Riding the monsters waves of the ocean with his fearless demeanor.  Hugh Harman -Walt Disney’s partner; a Nobel prize and academy award nominee, a producer, director-writer of animated motion pictures and William Tucker an Australian aviator who flew for the mega rich, who was heavily involved in the aviation industry.  All wonderful men.

The names Michaelides and Onassis? Now that's for my book deal and movie project and it's a surprise. I signed a non-disclousure agreement to not disclose this fascinating story at this time. Catch MissO at a comedy club or in a conversation and "guaranteed" her stories are all real stories that are so amazing and horrifing that she had to make them into jokes to keep her sanity. 

MissO Is Single:

  • All available bachelor's get connected make sure you have room on your helicopter, airplane, or yacht  for MissO's  pets, Jet, Helicopter, and horse named Money
  • MissO races her cars and motorcycles and has won several trophies
  • MissO surfs, rides bikes, jet skis and enjoys sharing her amazing life of ups and downs
  • MissO is getting ready to roll out her "Can't KILL Miss Onassis Project"-- visit tab cant Kill Miss Onassis

  • Where does MissO  live? 
  • Does it matter she lives everwhere
  • Just send your Jet, Helicopter or Yacht to visit with MissO and you definately will have an amazining connection