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The Bottom Line: Bank Vault of Clientele that I've built possess Buying Power that Exceeds Over - A TRILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY.

The wealth of knowledge and contacts makes "Katia Onassis" one of the largest business connections worldwide with a track record that's hard to beat- NO-ONE IS EVEN CLOSE. 

Katia has a massive client connection portfolio that the VALUE IS NOT KNOWN to the general public. When Miss "O"  hands over a connection  it could be for multi millions to billions and anywhere in between. Every connection is special and every connection has a  value that generates money. You name the contact or connections Miss "O" has it on her private bank vault and has spoken to that connection personally. Her leads are not generated by a list you purchase. Her Bank Vault are the reason MIss "O"  is one of the most successful affluent business connections worldwide.

Katia is a dynamic and  "Brilliant" lady. For over three decades she has personally coached thousands of successful entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional profits and productivity. Katia is a unique, eccentric,  a mover and a shaker, whose favorite pastime is making money and assembling networks of  superior connections, showing them the way to greater success than they imagined for themselves. Katia is single has no children and loves to travel, locating contacts is her passion but creating connections  is what she is known for.  Katia was born in Istanbul, Turkey and educated in Greece before relocating to America where she received her MBA from "Trebas Institute of Recording Arts, Hollywood, CA. Presently the school is located in Toronto, Canada.  Her education paid off  by establishing her career  and opening  several companies with  Co-Ownership  Scot Albert , a producer director and a graduate of Columbia Motion Pictures:  

 S. Wolfgang Films, S. Wolfgang Productions,  Gale Force Productions and a casting company, "You Otta Be In Pictures" , were located in Phoenix, Arizona and were a huge success.  At age 21 Katia gave up her career in the field of music and film to follow her other  passions  aviation , real estate and investments.  Katia  has kept that career  for over 36 years  with  100 more years to go.   This lady is all action and loves what she does and  can't wait to connect with you. The conversation you and her share  will be priceless.

(Memo from Katia) Ladies and gents  let's get a few issues out of the way. Grab a martini, whiskey or a beer.  As for me my preference is 2013 Taste of Diamonds, a blend of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier valued at $2.07 Million Dollars.  

Friends don't  believe everything you hear about my arrests-funny too much fun drinking the finest champagnes and tasting the most fabulous caviars. That's it! Nothing else. Dui's- Cheers

My marriages: Yes, I was married in my 20's to three famous fabulous people. Charlie Lawyer, an All American boy that surfed around the world with his lightning bolt surfboard. Riding the monsters of the ocean with his fearless demeanor. Hugh Harman -Walt Disney’s partner; A Nobel prize and academy award nominee; A producer, director-writer of animated motion pictures and William Tucker an Australian Aviator who flew for the mega rich, who was heavily involved in the aviation industry.  My Marriages well they were all in my 20's back to back. 

The names Michaelides and Onassis? Now thats for my book deal and movie project and It's a surprise. I signed documents to not disclose  this fascinating  story that definitely will make headlines worldwide.   

Katia has combined her 12 former companies and corporations into one gigantic enterprise, now Aviation Contacts And Connections.  Katia maintains her success and is known as  a very interesting business legend. Katia has always been a  dedicated business lady because of her father.  Katia  started at age 5 following the footsteps of a very aggressive man in aviation and real estate., her father.  Katia has spent her entire career of 36 years calling and meeting  business minded connections and has no intentions of  leaving this magnificent world of  contacts and wealth.

Katia is also a frequent speaker and seminar presenter, you name the topic, she has done it. Katia's  favorite phone calls always start with "This is your Aviation & Yacht girl Miss" O" When she finishes talking to her network of connections you will always hear her say, "keep up your airspeed" or "over n out". This lady is a branding of an "original". When asked how did you become so brilliant her answer is, "I got my Onassis kicked" so many times, I decided  to jump back in the jungle. Bigger, Better, Stronger, Smarter". This lady operates like a well oiled machine and ticks like a Rolex. A fascinating lady that doesn't back down from fear or her obligations. If she tells you,  "welcome aboard I will take care of finding you a connection", she will do just that.!  Katia has appeared in full page ads in Flying Adventures National Publication  and Executive  Traveler  Magazines. Katia  is currently in motion to roll out the NEW KATIA.

Katia - Miss "O" is currently going after  "BILLIONS" of dollars and your cordially invited to join her and get a piece of the ACTION!

Katia- Miss "O" has changed her appearance and image and  is ready for the next 100 years  to  provide superior contacts and connections worldwide for everyone that connects.

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Who Is Trying to Kill Katia?

Comedy/Documentary-CAN'T KILL Katia- Get Connected

Written by Katia - Fascinating- Unbelievable- Bizarre- Laugh or DIE?

Hollywood-Talk Shows-Book Deals - Movie Projects / This Lady Has Got To Share This Story

Thrilling! Chilling! Best Comedy Drama Documentary-To Die For... Inspiring Story

Katia is currently working on an autobiography entitled "CAN'T KILL  Katia Onassis"  which is also being adapted to a comedy/ thriller screenplay which tells her unique life story in the way she could tell it.  Her credits from Trabass Institute of Recording Arts  and the fact that she was  married to Film Prducer Hugh Harman,  Walt Disney's partner  35 years ago  is giving her the dream she once had.  To produce the truth of a bizarre lifestyle of her ups and downs climbing to the highest  financial status running a multi million dollar private establishment sharing her wealth of connections and money.  Over-N-Out

Life is toooo funny:



Expected to be a number one seller with an estimated value that will break finacial records worldwide.

What's the differnce?  

Miss "O" shares  her laughs and money with all her  VIP Contacts And  Connections.

Miss "O" will  definately  knock them dead  or alive and that's a promise you can take to the bank vault.